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In-Depth Individual Counseling & Natural Products

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to talk it out with someone. Seeing a counselor is the best way to get unbiased and undivided attention. Trust Healthier You Healthier World, located in Sarasota, Florida, for your counseling needs. I am a professional who will help you deal with your emotions.

Counseling Services

Contact me for individual counseling, which includes a distinct emphasis on pinpointing the issues that you need to work on. I don't make problems go away — I try to understand them first and then grow and develop with them. With individual plans, it's $225 for 15 minutes and $175 for an initial assessment.

Meditation That Relieves Stress

In the stressful world that I live in, it's important to meditate daily because it's the only way that mind and body are connected. Meditation can help both your physical and mental health as it reduces stress and anxiety. For $35, I offer individual meditations, which can help you to be more mindful in the present. I also provide a variety of fantastic workshops and retreats.

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Chemical Free Products from Melaleuca

Did you know that chemicals in products can affect mental health as well as physical health? I have a Melaleuca representative who has extensive knowledge of great, natural products that are useful for a variety of purposes. Be sure to visit my page to view them all. Great for everyday use, this line of natural products includes:

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Weight Loss

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Natural Cleaning Products

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